What makes Hybrid Fight different?

Hybrid Fight is a unique fight promotion like no other. An MMA hybrid sport based on traditional San Shou rules but with modern tweaks for todays modern fighters. Punches, kicks, clinch, knees and takedowns. No ground fighting or submissions mean that this format is fast paced and all action. What else is different? Hybrid Fight offers TWO levels of combat under the same fight format, Light-Con and Full Contact. Under our Light-Con rules, fighters must been seen to control the aggression when executing strikes and takedowns, this makes for a more technically sound fight with less chance of serious injury and is suited towards first time, white collar, novice and amateur fighters although more seasoned veterans are not excluded.


Junior and youth fighters are also welcome under our Light-Con rule set. Hybrid Fight Full Contact is just that, a full contact version where fighters can let loose and go for the K.O. This is more suited to amateur, semi-pro and pro fighters and although we do not operate a ‘pro’ division, all fighters will be matched fairly and without any bias or favouritism. Hybrid Fight prides itself on honesty and integrity without any of the fight politics or BS that seems to have found its way into many fight shows over the years. We also do our best to keep ticket prices at a minimum to offer value to the paying fans. Hybrid Fight is the only promotion championing this style of event in the UK and we are very proud to be different.