About Hybrid Fight

Hybrid Fight is a Mixed Martial Arts promotion based on the San Shou style of fighting that began in ancient China and dates back over 3000 years. San Shou hasn’t changed that much over the years and consists of punches, kicks, throws and takedown techniques emphasising on realistic modern day fighting. San Shou meaning ‘free hand’ also known as San Da, meaning ‘free fighting’ is the official discipline of Chinese Wushu.

Hybrid Fight has taken this style and adapted it to a modern day fight promotion with tweaks to the rules and regulations so that is suitable for men, women and children of all ages and abilities.


Clothing and Protective Gear

  • T-Shirt or rash guard. Males may also fight bare chest
  • Fight shorts or kickboxing pants with no pockets, zips, buckles etc
  • 10oz (minimum) boxing gloves
  • Mouthpiece
  • Groin guard  (ladies optional)
  • Shin & insteps / shin and kickboots
  • Head guards are optional with adults but mandatory for junior categories in all Light-Con bouts. Head guards are NOT allowed in Full-Contact bouts.
  • Hand wraps are optional, cotton or gel wraps are allowed in Light-Con bouts but surgical bandage must be used in Full-Contact. In both cases, no excessive tape is allowed
  • No footwear of any type is to be worn

Bout Duration

All adult and youth (13 – 15) bouts are 3×2 minute rounds with 1 minute intervals.

All junior (8-12) bouts are 3×1.5 minute rounds with 1 minute intervals.

All title bouts are 5×2 minute rounds with 1 minute intervals.

Legal Techniques

Light Contact – Reduced power is mandatory on ALL techniques. For example, punches should be thrown without drawing the fist back behind the head to increase power. Strikes may be thrown with speed but without the intent to harm. Kicks and knees should not be loaded. Any infringement on these rules and Warnings will be issued immediately by the referee. You will be disqualified upon receiving your 3rd warning.

Full Contact – Fighters are unrestricted on power although still governed by the same fight format.

  • All closed fist punches are acceptable to the head, body and legs.
  • All kicks are acceptable to the head, body and legs.
  • Light knees are only acceptable to the body and legs from the clinch position in Light-Con. Full Contact bouts allow knees to be thrown at anytime but excluding the head.
  • Clinch is allowed for a maximum of 10 seconds unless fighters are actively seeking knees or a takedown.
  • All single and double leg takedowns, inside and outside foot sweeps, leg grabs, judo throws and trips are also acceptable.
  • Any fighter may reverse a takedown when initiated but not while on the ground.

Illegal Techniques

  • Elbow strikes of any kind.
  • Headbutting
  • Open hand strikes.
  • Backfists (Backfists are allowed in Full Contact)
  • Groin attacks.
  • Joint attacks of any kind.
  • Biting.
  • Attacking the spine, neck, throat or back of the head.
  • Strikes towards the knee joints.
  • Bare back of heel kicks ie. Axe or Hook kicks.
  • Over aggressive takedown techniques ie. Spiking.
  • Throws that involve joint manipulation.
  • Stomping. (even feet)
  • Attacking a grounded opponent.
  • Turning your back on an opponent, intentionally leaving the ring / matted area or stalling / failing to engage.
  • Throwing or pushing your opponent out on the ring / fighting area.
  • Any chokes or neck cranks.
  • Any submission attempts what so ever will be an immediate DQ.
  • Intentionally falling to the ground, faking an injury or spitting out mouthpiece.
  • Dropping to a hand or knee other than to initiate a takedown.


Warnings will be issued clearly by the referee immediately at the time of any offence. Two (2) official warnings will be issued and any competitor will be immediately disqualified upon receiving his / her third (3). The referee may give subtle warnings to any competitor while the fight proceeds however, the referee will stop the fight and call ‘time’ when an official warning is handed out.

For severe or intentional fouls the referee may give out two (2) warnings or an immediate disqualification.

Warnings must be taken into consideration by the judges at the time of scoring the round or bout.


If any foul is committed the referee will……….

  • Call ‘time’ and the clock will be paused.
  • Order the offending competitor to a neutral corner.
  • Check the fouled competitors condition and safety.
  • Asses the foul (he may call upon the judges for an opinion) and take the appropriate actions (if any) ie. Warnings (one (1) or two (2)) or an immediate disqualification.

The fouled competitor may have up to five (5) minutes to recover. If the fouled competitor cannot continue the referee will call upon the corner judges for a decision. They must determine the winner on previous rounds but take into consideration any warnings, whether the foul was intentional and its severity. If the foul is committed very early on in the bout and neither fighter has produced any significant work then it shall be deemed a ‘No Contest’

In the event of any competitor falling or being knocked out of the ring, he or she will have 2 minutes to re-enter without any assistance from any official, cornerman or team member. In the event that he / she does not the fight will be ended with a decision of either a Disqualification or a No Contest depending on circumstances.

Fight Outcomes

There should be no K.O’s in our Light-Con bouts, however, if a competitor walks directly into a legitimately controlled strike this becomes a possibility. In this situation the referee will consult the judges and react accordingly. See warnings Wins are predominantly via judge’s decision, however, wins via TKO (referee stoppage) or disqualification are possible as well as draw’s. No contests are very uncommon but should not be ruled out. The referee’s decision is final.

Judges Decisions

Unanimous decision, all three judges score the same. Split decision, two out of three judges score the same. Majority decision, when two judges score the same and the third scores a draw.

Knock Out

A knock out occurs when a fighter is knocked down and either unconscious, disoriented or unable to intelligently defend himself.

TKO (referee stoppage or corner stoppage)

A competitor cannot carry on due to a legitimate technique. The referee may stop a bout at any time if he feels that any competitor’s safety is at risk or either fighters corner may ‘throw in the towel’ to effectively stop the fight.

8 Count Rule

The 8 count rules are in effect. Any fighter getting knocked down will receive a mandatory 8 count. Fighters must stand of their own free will and respond clearly to the referee’s questions / commands, if he/she does not, the fight will be ended. Any fighter that is deemed in danger by the referee may receive a ‘standing’ 8 count, again the fighter must respond clearly to the referee or the fight will be ended. Any fighter can receive two 8 counts in a single round, the fight will be ended upon receiving the third. The bout will also be ended upon a fighter receiving his/her 5th knockdown over all. The round bell cannot save a downed opponent, if he/she is receiving an 8 count then the above rules still apply even after the bell.


If any competitor gets disqualified the win automatically goes to his / her opponent.

Draws and No Contests

If all 3 judges score the bout a draw and simply cannot separate the competitors. In the event of two judges scoring differently and the third scoring the bout as a draw. Majority draw, 2 out of 3 judges score a draw.

If an unintentional foul is committed early on in the bout and neither fighter has produced any significant work then it shall be deemed a ‘No Contest’.

Judging criteria

Judges will score each competitor on:

  • Effective striking
  • Effective takedowns
  • Effective defense and counters
  • Effective overall control of both the clinch and fighting area

Weight Categories

All Juniors 8 – 12 yrs

  • Age, Height, Sex and Weight will all play a factor but will be matched as closely as possible

Youth Boys 13 / -15 yrs


Youth Girls 13 / -15 yrs

< 36 kgs   < 36 kgs
< 40 kgs   < 40 kgs
< 44 kgs   < 44 kgs
< 48 kgs   < 48 kgs
< 52 kgs   < 52 kgs
< 56 kgs   < 56 kgs
< 60 kgs   < 60 kgs
< 64 kgs   < 64 kgs
< 68 kgs   < 68 kgs
< 72 kgs   < 72 kgs
< 76 kgs    
< 80 kgs    
< 84 kgs    


Mens 16 – 35 / Vets 35+
Womens 16 – 35 / Vets 35+
    < 49 kgs
< 57 kgs   < 53 kgs
< 61 kgs   < 57 kgs
< 65 kgs   < 61 kgs
< 70 kgs   < 65 kgs
< 77 kgs   < 70 kgs
< 84 kgs   < 77 kgs
< 93 kgs   < 84 kgs
< 105 kgs    
< 120 kgs    
> 120 kgs