We’re little over 2 weeks out!  The HF card has been added to almost every week in the run up to our next show, but one fighter who’s been secured from the very beginning is Geoff Ogendo.

Current Welterweight champion James Dixon was forced to pull out due to injury (vacating the title) with Geoff’s new opponent, Reid Northwood, stepping in to fill the fight.  We ask Geoff a few questions ahead of the bout.

HF – How is training going so far for your upcoming bout? How are you feeling?

GO –  Training is going on well. I train all year round but obviously with a fight coming up I have to increase the intensity of my workouts.

HF – How much do you know about your opponent? Do you think there are any big stylistic differences between you?

GO –  I don’t know much about him other than the fact he’s a K1 guy. I train with people who fight in all types of styles whether it be MMA, boxing, K1 or pure grappling so I’ll be ready for him.

I prefer using my striking in fights so with him being from a K1 background there are bound to be similarities in our styles but he will not be able to handle my speed. That I’m sure of.

HF – How do you feel having been offered a chance to fight for the title?

GO –  It feels good to be offered the opportunity to fight for the title. I was prepared to have a few fights before clashing with the champion but I now don’t have to take the long road as it were.

HF – Are there any areas of your training you’ve been working on more-so for this appearance?

GO –  As this fight does not have any ground work involved I’ve focused on sharpening my striking…I want to make the fight as exciting as possible for the fans. The rounds are also shorter than any of my previous fights so I can afford to put on the pressure every single minute I’m in that ring.

HF – When you’re not fighting and training, what can you be found doing?

GO –  When I’m not fighting or training I enjoy watching documentaries about off-kilter topics (just go on youtube and search for ‘ documentary’ to see all the random stuff that pops up). Other than that I watch a lot of kickboxing fights and once in a while I design a sick website so let me know if you need one!

It sounds like Geoff is more than ready to get in the HF ring on the 3rd July.  We look forward to seeing him, his opponent and all of our HF fans in the building then!

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