Fight Reports

Marcin Solski (Lions Gym) vs Kyle Ellis (Tap or Snap)

Round 1. Solski first to attack with a right hand combination. Ellis looking for the low kicks and Solski counters over the top, they click up and Solski drives his man backwards for the first takedown. Ellis peppers with straight shots and finishes with a kick, Solski catches and takes him down again. Solski lands with a head kick but Ellis stays composed and comes forward again. Bit of a scrambled takedown attempt which ends with both men in a heap to end the first round.

Round 2 and Ellis comes out with a bit moire urgency this time, lands a nice knee inside and breaks away, Ellis lands with a flurry of shots but gets clipped on the way out. Solski looking for the big overhand right, solid leg kick from Ellis, and another, Solski throws with intent again, Ellis dips under and finishes an effortless single to double leg. Solski looks for his own double to try to even up the round but gets stuffed by Ellis. Much better round for Ellis, looks like 1 round each so far.

Solski comes out blasting in the final round, they clinch up, Ellis reverses his man and the referee separates them both. Ellis driving forward with more precision strikes as Solski continues to look for the big right, another awkward takedown but Solski lands on top position. Big leg kick from Solski, returned by Ellis, nice teep from Ellis stops Solski in his tracks. This could go either way and both men know it as their corners shout instruction for a takedown. 10 seconds left and Ellis dives in but is unable to finish so we go to the judges scorecards. All 3 judges score the bout 29-28 for your winner by unanimous decision, Marcin Solski.

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