Fight Reports

Dominic Parton (Independent) vs Hussein Taieb (Leicester Kombat Academy)

Round 1) Taieb comes out with a low kick, Parton answers with his own, Parton again with a solid kick, tail looks to counter but Parton punishes him on the way in. Parton goes in swinging now, takes the clinch, puts in 2 knees and lets his hands fly again. Parton lands with a nice head kick, Taieb seems unphased and drives Parton back, Taieb with a big spinning backlist that skims Partons face, he needs to watch out for them in future. They clinch up, both working the dirty boxing well, Parton sends in another low kick, Taieb counters with a straight right. Neither fighter seems to be landing any clean strikes as the end of the round draws in.

Round 2) Taieb comes out fast, grabs the clinch, looks like he’s after the first takedown of the fight. Parton has an underhook and works his knees inside, Taieb doing much of the same, looking for knees while defending any TD attempt. Taieb looks like he’s ready to tee off on a cornered Parton but doesn’t seem to want to pull the trigger. Accidental knee to the head but Parton brushes it off and they go back at it. Big uppercut from Parton, slides in and gets the first takedown of the fight. Taieb comes back firing as he knows he’s a TD behind, Taieb has Parton in the corner again and sends in punch after punch. Parton clinches up and utilises his head position, picks up a leg and takes tail down for the second time. Big right hand from Taieb, and another, and another. Taieb chopping down on Partons legs with a sense of urgency now as the bell ends the round, tough fight to call for the judges up to now, lets see what the third round brings.

Round 3) Parton throws a loose body kick, Taieb rushes in, goes to clinch and fires in a knee. Parton keeps his hips back, is he looking for another takedown, working with a undertook on the left side and takes Taieb down for the third time. Taieb lands with a right hand that seems to fire up Parton even more as he unloads with punch after punch. Taieb again with a spinning backfist attempt, Parton lands with a nice 1-2 and another spinning backlist attempt from Taieb but with no joy. Another takedown from Parton and Taieb must know he’s in trouble on the scorecards now. Taieb fires in a strong jab that stuns Parton, Taieb take full advantage and piles on the pressure, Parton might be in trouble here but its just a little to late in the round for Taieb to capitalise as we go to the judges scorecards. The judges score the bout 29-28, 30-28 & 30-27 for your winner by unanimous decision Dominic Parton.

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