Fight Reports

Luke Bradbury (Sepoy Freestyle) vs Philip Duthie (Inde)

Round 1) Both guys eyeing each other over, Duthie the first to strike with a low kick, and again but this time with some venom and follows up with a flurry of punches. Bradbury takes a few minutes after receiving an unfortunate groin kick, Duthie shows his respect and off they go again. Superman punch from Duthie, Bradbury firing back now but his punches seem to lack accuracy as Duthie walks straight through them and blasts in another outside low kick. Bradbury needs to start checking them or he’ll suffer later in the rounds. Duthie looks composed and solid, biding his time, low kick after low kick slam home. Bradbury pawing out his jab, Duthie returns with right and left hooks that have Bradbury backing up again. Big leg kick again and Bradbury’s hands are starting to drop in anticipation, he is not liking these one bit and Duthie knows it. Duthie working the clinch well with a mixture of knees but Bradbury looks lost and has no answer until the bell ends round 1.

Round 2) Bradbury looks tentative, throwing almost half-power kicks compared to Duthie’s tree cutters, nice 1, 2, 3 from Duthie and Bradbury is on the backfoot winging unconventional punches in a hope of catching his dominant opponent off guard. Huge low kick off the back leg again from Duthie and goes up top with a lead roundhouse. Bradbury’s hands are low, he’s either tiring fast or getting a little disheartened or both as he can’t seem to find a way in. Bradbury is backing away now and Duthie can sense he’s got this one in the bag, Bradbury throws out a loose jab again, Duthie slams in 2 more low kicks, nice deep though the middle from Bradbury but Duthie is teeing off now with punches coming from all angles. he might be looking for the finish now but Bradbury lives to fight another round.

Round 3) Bradbury again paws out his jab and Duthie goes straight to work with a combination of punches that sends Bradbury into the corner, Duthie grabs the clinch and unloads with knee after knee. Bradbury breaks out and lands with a right hook, Duthie follows and blast in another low kick, Bradbury is stuck in the corner and BOOM, Duthie connects with an almighty head kick that puts Bradbury onto the canvas and out cold. The referee signals the end of the fight at 35 seconds of the 3rd round for your winner by K.O, Philip Duthie. 

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