From time to time HYBRIDFIGHT are running seminars at many different clubs and gyms throughout the year. These seminars are to predominantly allow future competitors to become accustomed to our unique MMA format and as a passport to fight on future events. Seminars are not intended to remove or distract students from their existing coaches or training regimes but to enhance their skill and knowledge in martial arts. Boxers, kickboxers, muay thai, wrestlers, judoka’s, jiu jitsu players and grapplers are all invited to ADD another dimension their ever evolving fight game.

Seminars are priced at £15 (per person) for a 3-4 hour seminar (dependent on numbers) in which everyone will learn legitimate strike, clinch and takedown techniques along with live sparring drills and finish off by throwing down with a taste of competition under the watchful eyes of our hybridfight coaches.

All Seminars will be announced on the news page, also via TWITTER and FACEBOOK

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