T.C.4 / March 2015


Sophie Luxton (Impact mma) vs Tiffany Yates (360 mma)
Luxton comes out first and takes the center of the ring, both girls trade shots and Luxton goes up top with the high kick. Decent pace off the bat and Yates is now applying the pressure. Luxton looks to clinch but Yates throws her off. The crowd are really getting behind them as Luxton uses her long straights to good effect. Yates stands firm and doesn’t look intimidated, countering well with the jab. First clinch up and Yates drives in 3 good knees and Luxton pushes off. Good movement from both girls, Luxton drops and hits the first double leg takedown to end round 1.
Round 2, a quick trade and Yates clinches up, using her knees well again. Luxton shoves her off and goes back to the strikes. Yates moves in again with the clinch and knees, turning her hip in and looking for the throw. Luxton resists and they both go down. The pace is just starting to show but both girls still looking good.
Round 3, Yates fires off first but Luxton drops underneath and hits her second double leg. Both girls wrestling well in the clinch but Yates seems to be coming out on top with the knees. Luxton looking slightly fresher and still has a bounce, drops under and hits another double. Yates connects with a nice right hand and goes for a takedown, Luxton sprawls well to defend. Luxton sets up her next double and finishes it easily. Yates lands with a nice double jab right cross and defends another shot well with a sprawl.
Great fight to start the show from these two 16 year olds with the judges scoring the bout 29-28 29-28 29-28 in favour of Sophie Luxton.

Luxton vs Yates IMG_4804 IMG_4886 62 IMG_4889  65 64 32 IMG_4891 IMG_4892