FL.5 / September 2015


Alex Home (12 Gauge MMA) vs Jack Handley (360 MMA)

Round 1, Home lands first with a left hook as Handley looks for a counter, Home has a nice little bounce to his step and throws a nice superman punch. Both lads mixing it up well with kicks and punches, Handley seems a little unorthodox while Home holds his position well. First clinch and knee from Home followed by a decent side kick with a counter right hand from Handley right on the bell.

Round 2 and Handley runs straight in for a double leg and Home defends nicely. Handley moving much better now and looks for another takedown and Home moves away. Nicely controlled jumping front kick from Home followed by a spinning back kick. Both lads have now thrown more than one spinning backfists, (illegal in the light contact division) this time its Home that gets a mild warning. Handley looks for another double leg but eats a kick on the way in.

The bell sounds for the final round and Handley shoots straight for a takedown, grabs a single leg but just cant finish it. Nice teep front kick from Handley with a perfectly timed uppercut counter from Home. Home now landing with his kicks as Handley keeps gunning for that first takedown. Home grabs a thai clinch and puts in some well placed knees followed by a snap down. Handley seems a little overpowered and the referee gives him a standing 8 count recovery time. Handley says a definite “yes” to continuing and finishes off the round. Great fight from these two young men, going the distance of 3 x 1.5 minute rounds. All 3 judges score the bout in favour of the red corner by unanimous decision, Alex Home.

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Fightlight 5 – 26th September 2015